Words have power

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Words have power

Words have power

The words you speak have a strong influence on your feelings, mood, personality, self-confidence, and life experience.

Negative words hypnotize us into failure, disappointment, poverty, confusion, and ill health. How does that work?
We attract to ourselves what we think about. When we speak negative words, we first have to think them, then say them, and when we say them, we hear them. Therefore, we have reinforced the negative effects of our negative words three times!


So what is the solution? It’s not very complicated. Just apply the reverse process. Flood your mind with positive words and affirmations.

Your words and the affirmations that follow should declare your strengths rather than you weaknesses. When you focus your mind on the positive instead of the negative, affirm what you are instead of what you are not, and affirm what you can do instead of cannot do. You’ll change your mindset …and life.


Use positive words and affirmations to program your subconscious mind to create the life you desire.

Be Well,

Dr. Pete 


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