We are all “Students-in-Life”

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We are all “Students-in-Life”

We are all “Students-in-Life”

Too often, I have had doctor’s ask for a strategy or technique that they can begin using in their practice today – to make it grow.
Yet some counter every recommendation with… “I’ve tried that. It didn’t work.”

It starts to feel like they’re really saying, “Give me any recommendation, and I’ll tell you why it won’t work,” or, “help me, but don’t ask me to change the way I think, view the world, or manage my practice.”


We all have to take responsibility for our actions… or inaction.
In the long run not listening to good recommendations… makes life so much harder.
When you fail to change, you are actively choosing to fail. When you close doors, you deny yourself opportunities.


We all need to assign ourselves to the role of “student in life” and learn from everything that works or doesn’t work.

So, being willing to change, adapt …and then prosper!


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Dr. Pete 

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