The Person In The Mirror

Optimistic, Positive Attitude.

The person in the mirror

The person in the mirror

The late coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi, was one of the greatest motivators in professional football. He had his players look in a mirror before every practice and game, telling each of them to ask, “Am I looking at the person who is helping me win or the one who is holding me back?”


When you look in the mirror, you see the person who can do the most to improve your life, change your attitude, elevate your standards, and overcome your limitations. Or, you are looking at the person who is holding you back. Which one are you?


While looking in the mirror, monitor your inner dialogue, and be alert to any negative inner thoughts or self-criticisms. Visualize yourself clearing out your negativism and pessimism and replacing it with an optimistic, positive attitude.

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Dr. Pete 

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