Step out of your “comfort zone"

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Step out of your “comfort zone”

Step out of your “comfort zone”

When you’re open to losing something in order to gain something else, you’re ready to take a risk. Taking risks requires stepping outside your “comfort zone”.

Your willingness to take the risk determines how rewarding and fulfilling your life will turn out to be. If you’ve been discouraged from taking a risk by what someone said to you, or by your fears, you’re not alone. We all hear discouraging words when we decide to make a change in our lives.

If you believe in your dreams, sometimes you have to go against someone else’s advice. Take heart from the fact that most major accomplishments are made in spite of other people’s opinions.

Steve Jobs tried to get venture capitalists in Silicon Valley to invest in his idea for a computer, but he was told his idea would never fly. He took the risks anyway and led the entrepreneurial tidal wave in high tech.

get out of comfort zone

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