I could've avoided you but somehow I knew

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Somehow I knew

I could’ve avoided you but somehow I knew…

At times, you’ll lack motivation and self-discipline. At times, you’ll be easily distracted. At times, you’ll fear failure or success.

Procrastination is a part of what makes people human; it’s not possible to completely overcome any of those shortcomings.

Wanting to put off a task is normal. Avoiding a challenge is normal.
But think about a time you put off a task, finally got started, and then, once into it, thought, “I don’t know why I kept putting this off – it’s going really well.


And it didn’t turn out to be nearly as hard as I imagined!”

It never is.

Highly productive people do not think about the discomfort they’ll feel in the beginning;
they focus on how good they will feel once they’ve accomplished their goals.

And they get started. And then they don’t stop.


Be Well,

Dr. Pete 

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