Remember your A Team

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Remember your A-team

Remember your A-team

I attended a seminar a few years ago by one of the leading self-help advocates in the world. Many of those who attended were successful executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs. In their drive for success, many of them had neglected their relationships with the people they’d worked with…their consultants… their “A-team”. These were the people who had helped them become successful.


Many of us, in our day-to-day scramble, may not have given much thought or enough credit to our support team… our “A-team”. We need to remember all the people who have supported us, advised us, and helped us when our circumstances were worse. The next time we’re tempted to think you’re all alone, rid yourself of these negative thoughts by visualizing the people who supported you and believed in you.

Remember, life is not a “one-man-show”.

Be Well,

Dr. Pete


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