Thoughts Watching Elephants Mate

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Thoughts While Watching Elephants Mate

Thoughts While Watching Elephants Mate

Watching a doctor trying to start a practice on his or her own is like watching elephants mate. It’s extremely awkward, painfully chaotic and makes you wonder if there isn’t a better way.

New practices that don’t seek professional help in opening are usually unorganized and unprofessional, and as a result do poorly or don’t succeed at all. Everyone has a desire to succeed but few know how to do it. Opening a new practice without first getting the expert knowledge to do it right, is like setting up a target and then trying to hit it while blindfolded.

In order to be successful, new D.C.s must learn and master the skills that will make it possible, including lease negotiations, bank loan acquisition, construction, patient retention, insurance procedures, practice finance, legal issues, CA training, and effective new-practice promotion.


If you know better, you’ll do better.

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