Do you have Changecosis?

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Do you have Changecosis?

Do you have Changecosis?

There is a terrible disease out there affecting DCs. Those who resist change, suffer from what is called Changecosis. It is a disease that threatens your ability to enjoy life and to develop your full potential.

– When confronted by change, do you generally become rigid?
– Do you overreact? Become suspicious? Begin to blame others?
– Deny that change bothers you?
– Do you experience the “Yes, but… syndrome”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a good chance you have changecosis.

Many people have a great fear of change. Sometimes they even prefer to remain in an unpleasant or negative situation rather than leave what is known for something less familiar.

Until you accept change, you can’t change your life.

Experience has taught me that change will always be for the better. Sometimes you just have to overcome your fear of it.

Be Well,

Dr. Pete 

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