Lovers, Leaners and Leaders

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Lovers, Leaners & Leaders

Lovers, Leaners & Leaders

As a chiropractic consultant, I’ve observed that there are three distinct ways that DCs choose to practice. They practice as lovers, leaners or leaders.


Lovers, love to spend a lot of time with their patients. They chat about chiropractic, kids, favorite restaurants, pets, social topics, etc. These DC’s consider this “quality time” spent with patients. Because they see only a few patients per day, a practice like this is usually unsustainable.

Leaners, tend to have “lean practices” because they have very few patients. These DC’s try crazy adjunct products and services (teeth whitening, facelifts, vitamins, etc.) to help increase their income and pay their monthly rent. Because they see very few patients, a practice like this is also usually unsustainable.

Leaders, lead their staff and their patients forward. They constantly innovate and educate themselves by attending professional practice management seminars and constantly program their minds with positive motivational literature. Their practices are sustainable because they continually grow personally and professionally.

Ultimately, the choice is always yours. Which will you choose to be… a lover, a leaner or a leader?

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