Change Lanes

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Change Lanes

“Change lanes”

When we’re stuck in sluggish traffic…most of us change lanes. We change lanes to get around obstructions, accidents, slow moving vehicles, potholes, or to take a new route. We change lanes because we want to move forward!


It’s the same for doctors who have a sluggish practice. We “change lanes” to get around practice obstructions (poor practice location); accidents (incorrect insurance coding); slow moving vehicles (poor collection procedures); potholes (frequent staff turnovers); or to take a new route (develop a successful specialty practice). We change lanes because we want to move forward.

Now, the question is: Are you ready to “change lanes” to move your sluggish practice forward?



If so…don’t wait. You’re in the driver’s seat.

Making the decision to move your practice forward may be just the catalyst you need to make your practice more exciting and fulfilling.

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Dr. Pete 

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