A Sense of Community

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A Sense of Community

A Sense of Community

In local, state and federal politics, a politician is required to live in the community he or she represents… and when you think about it – that makes perfect sense.
Would you expect someone who didn’t live in your community to know and appreciate your community’s wants and needs, likes and dislikes?
Wouldn’t you prefer to be represented by someone who buys his or her groceries where you buy yours, worships where you worship, fills their gas tank where you fill yours, etc. – someone who truly knows your community because it’s also theirs?
As Chiropractors, we should live and be active in, our own communities.


We also need to stop chasing patients and get out in front of them. We need to be visible to patients and potential patients.
This visibility is greatest when doctors position themselves out in front – in front on healthcare, patient welfare and community health issues.  Your patients come from your community. Be active in the Chamber of Commerce, Scouting, Little League, local health fairs and the Rotary Club.community-inspire-others
The more people you meet…the more people will come to you.

And, the more visible you are as a community leader and supporter, the more your community will support you.


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